NationSwell Trend Report, The State of play: ESG in 2022


Whether you're preparing for your next meeting with your Board or CEO, auditing your impact strategy, or simply trying to stay sharp for family dinner, NationSwell has you covered.

In this NationSwell Trend Report, our Insights Team explores the current state of play on ESG in 2022, mapping the direction the market is going and surfacing five key trends that social impact practitioners at leading organizations need to know. At the end of each section, we’ve created a helpful tool that you can use to “pulse check” your preparedness around these trends. You’ll also find essential updates on regulatory activity, an example of one organization helping to set the pace, and suggestions for further reading.

ESG has garnered a glut of attention over the past two years — but it can actually earn that attention if companies and investors better match their public commitments with operational rigor. It could be a fad if we allow it to break that way, but it has the power to be a revolutionary force if we act to make it break that way. Our hope is that this Trend Report will support you in those efforts.

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